Ze Blue Rider

Awareness for Salton Sea Project

Sir Silverton, Duke of the Badlands

Uwe Hohn (born 16 July 1962)
He is the only athlete to throw a javelin 100 metres or more, with his world record of 104.80 m (343 ft 9+3⁄4 in).

Good Boy

(Awarness for leashing pulling)

Nosferatu movie poster *100 year anniversary*


Childhood memory for IndigoKidsNFT

A prestige thirteen spiritual leader of TheBaronFiefs

Event poster for films based on UFO phenomenons 

Fairy Aura *locked*

Based on article of relieving stress

 Castle a.m

Good Ubers Only


Aiming Fuel

Slip me 10 coins and a reuben and I might let you pass

Castle p.m

Overpriced liquor and Good Music, 1:45 a.m in Stockholm

Sheep of the Black Egg *Awakening*

... but Mom said we can keep him

Armoured Wellies 2022

Zakk Wylde 2022

Late for the roundtable meeting 2022


The Black Gulch 2022
Huur, *messenger of death* 2022

Angels’ Blood 2020

Romans are outside 2020



At all times and in all places, individuals have been credited with second sight, but it seems especially common in certain cultures. In African Zulu and Australian Aboriginal communities anthorpologists have found that ability to “see” from a distance is so common that it is taken for granted. Many people in the Scottish Highlands also seems to be gifted with second sight.